Lonely at the top - Leaders at their limits

Lonely at the top - Leaders at their limits

You are only human, regardless of your position, and your most important project is your own life. [...]

Our executive clients reach great heights in their careers because they are driven to go higher, further, faster than others in their organizations. They are rewarded for their constant striving with perks that often include not only financial independence but also the prestige and recognition that comes with being in a position of power in business or industry. However, such success is not without cost and may even be accompanied by a crushing fear of failure and loss of control, extreme loneliness, and the uncomfortable recognition that increased power does not translate to increased freedom. Does this sound familiar to you? Are your professional demands taking a personal toll on you?

In her excellent TV documentary Einsame Spitze – Top-Manager am Limit, Tina Soliman interviews highly accomplished current and former top managers, who candidly discuss their experience that top managers are expected to make difficult decisions with little to no help and operate within a culture that does not allow them to express doubt or uncertainty, or to show fear or fallibility, lest they appear weak and set the stage for their own replacement. Through these interviews, Ms. Soliman also explores the fact that top managers are no less human than any of the other members of their organization and that the tension between their intrinsic personal vulnerabilities and their seemingly invincible professional persona can have serious repercussions on their health, performance and well-being. As difficult as it may be for them (and you) to admit, it may be necessary to learn that stagnation, or dissent from a defined goal, is sometimes a viable option.    

At Luebke Consulting, we are passionate about helping top managers like you in times of crisis, and our experts will be there for you (24/7 if required). We are fully equipped to join you in a thinking partnership—business or personal—and will help you through very challenging periods and beyond. We recognize that in spite of the great professional commitment you have made, your most important project is your own life, and our mission is to help you sustain your ability to carry out that project and to perform well in your role. We mobilize you for change, working alongside you to take you from wherever you are now to where you really want to be.

It is all about you and your success. YOU - AMPLIFIED.