Our team

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Johannes Zimmerer
"Success can be reached almost playfully."

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Lynne Hale
"Find your own direction
for the momentarily uncertain."
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Michael Thomson
Design-led strategy thinking for growth

martine harris
Martine Harris
"Own the tools and resilience to respond effectively
to a constantly changing corporate environment."

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Paul Sampson
"Unlock game changing levels of clarity,
motivation, creativity and performance."
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Wladimir Matuchin
"Prepare the necessary riverbed
for your thoughts and your creativity to flow."
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Mirko Jens Luebke
"Mobilize for change  - create upward mobility."

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Diane Craig
"To elevate You with authentic executive presence"

Bill Zeeb
"Taking the right small steps today,
to create a better tomorrow with certainty."

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Building a recognizable personal brand opens new and often unexpected professional opportunities for you!


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