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Gravitas, communication and appearance are prerequisites for leadership roles. Can they be taught?

We all recognise it, but it is still sometimes hard to define. True leaders have a presence which conveys a sense of power and which creates confidence in any context.

Hard work, high level performance and powerful sponsors can be enough to get talented people recognised and promoted. Up to a point. A global study by New York’s Centre for Talent Innovation across 75 organisations operating in 190 countries found that leadership potential is often not enough to enable talented men or women to make that critical step to Board level. Senior executives of these organisations disclosed that, in a field of fine margins, 26% of what determines whether an individual will ever secure promotion to Board level is “executive presence”. Moreover, if you are a woman or a multicultural professional you find yourself at an immediate disadvantage in trying to look, sound, and act like “a leader”, because senior leaders are overwhelmingly Caucasian and male.

Some of the qualities which make up executive presence might appear to be intangible and difficult to define, but the encouraging reality is that executive presence can be built through conscious crafting. Executive presence incorporates qualities such as “gravitas”, communication skills and outward appearance which can be developed.

  • It's about exuding confidence and “grace under fire”
  • It's about reading an audience and commanding a room
  • It's about projecting your vision and encapsulating ideas in a compelling message in the boardroom
  • It's about acting decisively and “showing teeth” *

If you have not yet perfected these qualities then you probably have an uneasy feeling that your peers have a better chance of being picked for that next promotion. They do.

We can help you create and maintain a powerful and convincing executive presence, by identifying, honing and polishing the skills and patterns of behaviour that matter.

Our proven programme is based upon the gold standard programme which was developed by Corporate Class Inc. in Canada. The regular programme is delivered over two days and includes topics such as First Impressions, Communication Skills (including public speaking and the virtual executive), Work-place Best Practice, and Professional Appearance. Additional components can be added, to tailor our executive presence interventions to the specific needs of organisations or individuals, including NGOs and universities (at preferential rates)

How you speak, how you look and how you act is critical to your success at every step of your journey.

Contact one of our specialist advisers in Executive Presence. We will contact you to arrange a confidential conversation about how our specialized team can deliver immediate change through a bespoke, customised programme which will take a career to a whole new level.

(*  see CTI-Report: "Executive Prsence", NY, 2012)

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  • COO of an international School:

    "The coaching raised my awareness of my inherent motivation and helped me consider my future more clearly. Throughout his coaching, Mirko created a safe and supportive environment of mutual respect and trust. Following each session, he assigned exercises and clearly explained the rationale behind his requests." | China

  • Finance Consultant:

    "Herr Lübke hat es innerhalb von drei Coaching Einheiten geschafft, mit mir gemeinsam limitierende Glaubenssätze herauszuarbeiten und mir geholfen Schritte zu definieren, wirksam an diesen zu arbeiten. An der Zusammenarbeit habe ich sehr geschätzt wie schnell Herr Lübke eine vertrauensvolle Ebene schaffen konnte und wie schnell man persönliche Dinge besprechen konnte." | Düsseldorf, Germany

  • HR-Director, Surface Technologies:

    "In numerous circumstances, my coach was able to pinpoint the reasoning behind my behavior. This helped clarify my perspective and indicated that I’m often sidetracked; I need to adjust my course. I greatly appreciated that he quickly understood and empathized with my situation. He came up with critical questions to help lead me to solutions." | Germany

  • CSO Financial Services Corporation, Germany:

    “I was very pleased with your Leadership. Even when I wasn’t available to participate, I alwa ys had a good feeling that with you in charge, our objectives would be met. I have full confidence in you. With the introduction of the new CRM, we gained considerable professionalism – and our sales performance increased. This success significantly impacted company earnings. Thank you, Mirko.” | Germany

  • COO International Financial Services Corporation:

    “Especially during challenging times or crisis situations, Mirko remains in full control, acts calm and goal focused. Within an often multinational business environment, he always leads with a friendly and considered style. The performance outcome of the different teams always satisfies the needs of the business and the wellbeing of our multiple team members at the same time. His great leadership skills are characterized by outstanding interpersonal skills, the ability to understand the detailed drivers within very complex settings quickly and to identify and develop impacting change management solutions to problems. Hence, Mirko is a very valuable member to any management board, getting things done and keeping outcomes in alignment with goals and business requirements.” | Germany

  • CIO International Leasing Corporation:

    “Mirko’s great leadership skills and exceptionally positive attitude - coupled with his expertise leading international, multi-cultural teams and extensive project management experience across diverse industries – produced on-time, onbudget results. Mirko assumes the mindset of the CEO; he immediately grasps priorities. He has the ability to evaluate situations swiftly, conceptualize options and improvise as required – and to communicate his vision. We recommend Mirko as an outstanding resource for multinational business environments.” | Germany

  • CEO, Air Condition Equipment Industry:

    "The coaching has been very valuable since it pushed me to 1) figure out what I really want, 2) make a plan for how to get there and 3) prioritize accordingly. It was a pleasure having Mr Luebke as a coach, seemingly effortless Mr Luebke lured out of me thoughts, aspirations and fears that I have not previously been able to verbalize, and further he did not just leave me with that but he keep going until we had a reasonable and realistic plan for how to take the next steps." | Sweden



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